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Married to a US citizen? Obtain your Green Card through your spouse
green card through marriage

Getting a Green card through Marriage is a “fast way” to obtain your lawful permanent residence. Once provided your marriage is bona fide or otherwise a “real” marriage. Although you mustn’t have a serious criminal record and you can show sufficient financial support so that you won’t need public assistance, you may proceed to becoming a permanent resident.

U.S. citizens may sponsor their non-citizen spouses for permanent residency. Once you’re granted with a Green Card you will be allowed to live and work in the U.S. permanently.

The process for obtaining a Green Card through marriage varies depending on whether the non-citizen spouse is in the U.S. or abroad and also depending on when the marriage occurs.

Depending on your case there are different ways to proceed for applying to a green card through marriage. Call us for free consultation and we will inform you with more detail on how to obtain your green card through marriage.

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We do not provide our services to residents of North Carolina. The services we provide can only be done by a licensed attorney or a non-profit, BIA-certified representative in NC.

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testimonial immigration services Carlos Galindo, Virginia
“I hired the service of to help me obtain my Green Card right after I married my wife. We were dreading the arduous and bureaucratic process, but Nomorelawyer’s staff was so professional and efficient...”
testimonial immigration services Eduardo Salvatierra, Florida
“All I can say is thanks to I am now a US citizen with a stable job, working 5 days a week and enjoying America like I never did before...”
testimonial immigration services Steve Nielsen, California
“Finally the true love of my life is with me in this great country enjoying all the benefits the US citizenship gives you. Thanks to Nomorelawyer she could come from her native Honduras to the US and marry me...”
testimonial immigration services Dave Russell, Florida
“I always had to visit my fiancé in Panama and not being able to take her home with me to Arizona was awful and heartbreaking for us. Distance is certainly an enemy in relationships and we were starting to feel the threat of it..

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